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How Does Local Pickup Work?

If you’re local to San Diego, I’m happy to save you the shipping fees! If you select “local pickup” at checkout, I will send an email to arrange for you to pick up your piece in North Park. I’m also happy to arrange pickups at any upcoming market events 🙂

Handling And Care

The metal in your stained glass piece contains lead (60% tin 40% lead solder). Please wash your hands after handling, and keep away from little ones and pets. 

When your stained glass piece was created, it was given a patina finish and coated in protective carnauba wax. Patina will naturally dull over time and may occasionally show a bit of corrosion (white crust). To care for your piece, buff the metal and glass with a microfiber cloth to bring it back to a shine. Avoid the use of cleaners, water, or any abrasive material since this may damage or further dull your patina.


Suction cups are notoriously finicky, and I’d hate for you to find your piece fallen and cracked one day due to a temperature or humidity change. For very small, extremely light pieces (such as beetles) I may include a suction cup hook for your convenience, but in general I highly recommend finding a more physically stable manner to hang your pieces. Displaying your stained glass in a secure fashion using a nail or hook screwed into a window frame, molding, or the ceiling, is especially important for larger pieces. Plate display stands are also a great option if you’d like to display your piece on a tabletop.

International Shipping

I do not currently offer shipping outside of the US via my web shop, but please feel free to contact me regarding the possibility of international shipping to your country.